Wireless Mobile Apps for Escorted Tour Operators


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What is VeriGuide?

VeriGuide provides Student and Group Tour Operators advanced wireless technology applications during domestic and international bus/coach tours. Using the in-trip Tour Directors smart-phone or tablet, the Tour Director is able to determine passenger counts, verify their presence electronically and communicate wirelessly to individuals or the entire group. This will lead to a reduction in the number of delays and keeping later scheduled excursions on time. Most importantly, it also increases passenger security and affords a much better customer experience and overall trip satisfaction.

When a passenger is unaccounted for, the app will flag the passenger as missing. The Tour Director will be able to identify his/her location using a map feature and initiate contact to them via text message or call. They can then verify their location and make alternative arrangements to get back to the group locale.

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Who benefits? Anyone on vacation guided tours, school sponsored multi-day student trips, single-day field trips or anytime a group of people travel together. By having a very simple app on a passengers smart phone, they’ll always be in contact with the Tour Director. The app will passively validate the presence of a passenger on the bus, in the lobby or anywhere else the Tour Director gathers everyone. No more missing, late or lost passengers. Text or call communication to the Tour Director is a tap away.


The VeriGuide mobile app system is designed for the in-trip Tour Director to better manage daily passenger operations. By using either a tablet or mobile phone, the Tour Director is able to determine passenger counts electronically during domestic and international bus/coach tours. The application will help to reduce delays due to missing or lost passengers, thus allowing for a better, safer and more secure travel experience. Best of all, in the event of an emergency, everyone can be simultaneously notified to congregate to a given location. This reduces the chances of wayward passengers and brings tour directors piece of mind.


What are the most important considerations for your business? Passenger satisfaction and safety! VeriGuide now offers a mobile solution to the escorted tour industry with technology never before utilized. Tour Operators now benefit by offering clients a service that not only enhances the overall product line but also adds a layer of safety to its passengers. Something that simply cannot be overlooked.


As a Tour Operator, your main goal is the Satisfaction and Safety of your customers!

It’s important to give the best tools available to your professional Tour Directors. VeriGuide provides mobile solutions to help them better manage your group tours. Give us a call or email today!